Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I did it... I finally did it

Yes I did. I vowed several months ago that I would never buy another Windows machine, and although I'd done that about ten thousand times before, as I spoke the words I realised that I actually meant it. Not that anyone else in the room at the time found it convincing, but I did it!

So what did I do. Well, I spent a less than satisfying couple of days faffing with making a Windows laptop dual boot to Ubuntu desktop. And while I really like Ubuntu desktop, after a while I decided that all this seemed a bit too high maintenance for what I want, which is to get on with developing and consulting (which makes me money), and not being my own IT manager (which doesn't).

So I bought a MacBook Pro. Not only that, I ditched my Orange phone and got myself an iPhone 3GS. So I've swapped total dependency on a global software giant for total dependency on another, you might say. Well, yes. But the MacBook and the iPhone are sooooo good. They've already saved me loads of time and hassle and I've only just got started. I haven't even had to buy Parallels to run any much missed Windows apps yet - I haven't missed any.

The only things I haven't bought into as yet are iTunes (strongly dislike DRM), and MobileMe - I went to Carbonite for a backup solution and Google is my contact and calendar master source, so I figured I didn't really need it.

I'm currently hoping Spotify makes it to the iPhone App Store soon.