Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello, World

So, first post. Not strictly the first, more like a comeback I would say.

A busy week all round, lots of online kerfuffle over an article in the Daily Telegraph about the grimness of the tech sector up north ( Justified indignation all round. I could go back hundreds of years and detail the many innovations that came out of the North East of England, and are still coming today, but it isn't really worth it. And we managed to keep the Scots at bay while we were on so that the rest of England could get all soft and fluffy. There are always people who want to have a go at the North for one reason or another, much like there will always be people who will vote for the BNP, its largely a case of ignoring the noise and getting on with what we do best - which will always result in proving these people wrong.

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