Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Internet Predictions for 2010

They'll be coming thick and fast over the coming weeks, so I thought I'd get my 10 internet predictions for 2010 in now, with a nod to Spinal Tap:

  1. The big online retail phenomenon of the year will be carpet.

  2. The government will charge a universal broadband tax to be given directly to those poor, hard done by actors, directors, and pop stars.

  3. All internet content will be charged for, particularly this blog, with a premium rate for anything deemed 'unsuitable'. Eventually, all of the money in the world will reside with a handful of porn barons.

  4. Microsoft will finally admit defeat and decide the internet is not for them. Three months later they will announce a new, patented, product called the 'WINternet' which will cost 500 pounds per seat, will be incompatible with the current internet, and will be replaced by a new version every 3 years. And we'll all buy it.

  5. TV will become obsolete, as we all rush to watch (old) programs in a low-res postage stamp window on our computers.

  6. Orkut will be the social media application of choice.

  7. All government IT projects will be delivered on time and in budget, and will be really useful.

  8. Apple and Dyson will team up to add a portable vacuum cleaner to the iPhone - 'The iPhone that sucks'.

  9. 2010 will see the death of the PC (you have to predict this every year, it's a given).

  10. The election will be cancelled as 'too expensive for the public purse', to be replaced by a UserVoice forum.

  11. We'll all buy a government ID card.

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  1. Jam. The big online retail phenomenon will be Jam. And general preserves.