Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TechHub Founder Dating

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to participate in Seedcamp/TechHub's Founder Dating event, and very good it was too. Held at the newly opened TechHub Towers, next to Old Street tube station in Islington, it was basically speed dating for people looking for co-founders for potential start ups. I met really clever and interesting people, with some great ideas, and I was thinking it would be great to replicate this kind of event up in my native North East - I'm sure there are enough potential CTOs, CEOs, and investors up here willing to give it a go.

One thing did strike me though: there is no fear of failure. Several of these people had had start ups fail on them in the past, and just carried on. The advantage of living and working in London is that they can just pick up a regular job until they recharge their batteries and build up a bit of cash for when the next start up beckons. There is just so much work around. That is one area where the North East doesn't compete just yet - we're perhaps not quite able to support that kind of job market flexibility, I fear, and that may hinder start up activity.

As for the rest... the beer was good, the wine was good, the pizza was good, and The Angel across the road is a proper pub.

For more information on TechHub, see techhub.com


  1. Techhub sounds fun. I really like the idea of doing something similar up here. Perhaps we can persuade thedifferenceengine.eu or (our own) SuperMondays to do something along these lines?

  2. Doing it as Supermondays might be a laugh.